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Response to minimum wage increase

In response to classmate Daniel J. Velasquez blog on the increase of minimum wage to $15 an hour I have to say I completely agree. As an employee of a very small business this increase will break us. People do not realize how much business spends on wages and taxes for their employees. It is the biggest expense when running a business. Labor costs are then funneled into the cost of products, which means the cost of living will spike to astronomical levels. The increase in wages also increases the amount of money business pay for taxes and employees. Raising the wage raises what tax bracket you belong in which means you won’t be getting as much money as you think you will. I, for one, do not want to spend $15 dollars or more for a McDonald’s hamburger or $5 for a soda to cover the cost of doubling the minimum wage.

            My family also owns a small business and the increase in wage could mean that our sole source of income will be gone. Most small businesses are barely making it by since the recession. By forcing them to pay such a high amount in wages all the jobs we have been trying to create in this country are going to go away as people are forced to shut their doors. This will send business owners into the job market further increasing the competition to find employment. This increase is going to send our communities into financial ruin.




Tracey Morgan in Critical Condition after Car Crash

Actor and comedian, Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after a deadly highway car crash. A wal-Mart Semi truck was apparently dozing when it rear-ended the limo bus carrying Morgan and friends. The accident killed 1 and injured 4. The man killed was a writer and friend of Morgan. The driver is being charged with one count of death by auto and fount counts of assault by auto. His bail was set at $50,000. Wal-Mart has issued a statement that they will take full responsibility if its proven that their driver and truck caused the fatal crash.

            It is very interesting to see the detail of media coverage on car accidents when they involve a celebrity. Generally speaking car accidents don’t make the news unless there is a death or it’s unusual. The national coverage of this event is fortunate for Morgan’s career as it brings his fans rallying and adding new ones to the mix. It’s unfortunate for Wal-Mart who now has one more negative thing to add to their already blighted reputation. Their PR department will have their work cut out for them as they wade through the mess of negative press as the investigation continues.


Seattle Pacific University Shooting

On Thursday June 5th, 2014 at around 3:30pm Aaron Ybarra entered Seattle Pacific University and opened fire killing one and injuring 3 others before a student, Jon Meis sprayed him with pepper spray while he paused to reload. It is a terrible tragedy that has left me shaken.

            Per the assigned blog prompt for this final week of classes, I chose to analyze the media coverage on this event on a national and international scale. I am comparing an article published by Fox News and one published by a UK news source, The Independent. Essentially each source gives the same information. The shooter, Ybarra, has a history of severe mental illness. The Independent gave more concise information on the history of Ybarra’s health issues. The article was very to the point and information centered, giving only a brief statement at the end regarding the effect on Ybarra’s friends and family. This article portrays him as a sick individual that is in need of help.

            Fox News gives a lot more emotional information regarding the Ybarra’s history. It also presents the shooter as a sick and yet sketchy young man who instability was being treated. Ybarra’s is presented as more of a villain than suffering from mental illness. In Fox’s article, interviews were recorded from previous co-workers when Ybarra worked at shooting range. The subject stated that he would attempt to befriend high school students encouraging them to drink and go shooting. Also from a conservative standpoint they interviewed the owner of the range who stated this was so disappointing because they spend all their time teaching kids responsible gun use.

            So we have two articles that present the same information in very different ways. The Independent article is straight forward giving the facts to be interpreted as the reader choses. Fox’s has it’s political spin of making Ybarra a villain who while mental unstable is still sketchy and in a way should be feared. And it adds the quote regarding responsible gun use at the range in answer to the growing gun control controversy.



Hilary Clinton’s New Book

Hilary Clinton is releasing her memoirs and it causing quite the stir. Many are calling the book tour a prelude to a presidential campaign. CNN did a story regarding her interview line up as it is composed of almost entirely female interviewers. The video brings in to two other reporters to discuss the PR strategy of the book release. One is a media reporter and the other is a political reporter working with Clinton. The political reporter, Amy Chozick, maintains that the majority female line up was not strategic in the sense of who would interview but it fits with the context of the book. So while not necessarily consciously strategic, still strategic nonetheless.

            As for the prelude to presidential campaign it seems this rumors are neither being confirmed nor denied. The statement made my Amy Chozick was the Clinton’s are not currently in office so they wish not to be scrutinized as if they were, however as public figures they are still going to receive national media attention. The political powerhouses of this country are regarded like Britain’s Royal Family. The response toward the pre campaign rumors is simply comparasion. They ask if other political leader’s book were campaigns? So the strategy is neither confirm nor deny.

            Media reporter Mark Leibovich states that they the media is not falling for a PR strategy, because the Clinton’s have a built in PR strategy. He states his opinion that it is part of a future presidential campaign for Clinton. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the 2016 election years gets closer and closer.


The Loss of Alice

The world lost a wonderful mother figure icon today and the empty center square will leave a hole in our hearts. Ann B Davis who was the infamous Alice from The Brady Bunch passed away after falling in her bathroom. Davis, according to fans, raised an entire generation as the quirky loveable housekeeper for the ultimate blended family. Her character was always there to provide warm and quirky affection through the trials of growing up in a family of six. She has gained immorality with this character as The Brady Bunch lives on and on.

I imagine there will be quite a pick up in Brady Bunch merchandise and DVD purchases as the death of one of its beloved character brings a wave of national nostalgia. It’s one of those circumstances where marketing really isn’t necessary, however if done delicately there is a potential for a tidy profit to be made. The release of Alice Memorial Edition of the series on Blue Ray is a heartwarming way to push the show back into popularity. I expect to see interviews from other cast members and memorial videos to go viral in the next few days as America pays tribute to this wonderful actress who was the glue that held a family together.

My Chateau

It needs to be said that there is nothing more frustrating than learning of application or website that you really want to check out and it doesn’t work. Recently I discovered Chateau Ste Michelle in Woodinville, WA developed an app on Facebook called My Chateau. This application allows you to playfully create an equation that begins with, “Me + A glass of Wine,” then you fill in the blanks with any number of possibilities and this equals your “Chateau,” or happy place. The 2009 press release on CSM’s website states that you can also find a digital sommelier and food pairing information with this app. However it doesn’t work, I can’t pull it up. A window pops up stating that the URL does not match the app’s settings. Now the campaign was launched in 2012 to reach women from ages 25-38 who are busy with careers and/or parenting. It was creating to be a more whimsical place where a woman can just be herself as she is, without any other imposing labels. This sounds great and I want to play with it but I can’t. I have sent an email to CSM regarding the application. I hope to get a response soon.