Tracey Morgan in Critical Condition after Car Crash

Actor and comedian, Tracy Morgan is in critical condition after a deadly highway car crash. A wal-Mart Semi truck was apparently dozing when it rear-ended the limo bus carrying Morgan and friends. The accident killed 1 and injured 4. The man killed was a writer and friend of Morgan. The driver is being charged with one count of death by auto and fount counts of assault by auto. His bail was set at $50,000. Wal-Mart has issued a statement that they will take full responsibility if its proven that their driver and truck caused the fatal crash.

            It is very interesting to see the detail of media coverage on car accidents when they involve a celebrity. Generally speaking car accidents don’t make the news unless there is a death or it’s unusual. The national coverage of this event is fortunate for Morgan’s career as it brings his fans rallying and adding new ones to the mix. It’s unfortunate for Wal-Mart who now has one more negative thing to add to their already blighted reputation. Their PR department will have their work cut out for them as they wade through the mess of negative press as the investigation continues.


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