Missing Vet shows up at 70th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy

A British veteran of WWII went missing from his nursing home and turned up in at the Normandy Memorial celebration in France. Bernard Jordan was reported missing after he left the home to go on his daily outing, but when he didn’t return staff members contacted police. They received a phone call from a younger veteran stating he’d met Jordan on the bus bound for Normandy and stayed with him while he travelled. There were rumors circling around Twitter stating Jordan escaped the home after he was denied permission to go to the 70Th Anniversary memorial. However Gracewell Healthcare released a statement saying Jordan has full capacity and can come and go as he pleases. When he expressed interested in attending the event the home attempted to get him on a accredited tour but because it was last minute no room was available. Jordon made his own way there. There was much admiration for the decorated 89-year-old veteran’s journey. I hope this veteran is warmed by the World’s concern for his safety and their response to his story. I hope that the backlash Gracewell has received over the rumor that Jordan was banned from attending the commemorations cease after the clear statement that Jordan was indeed allow to go and an effort was made on Gracewell’s part to get him to Normandy.



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