Hilary Clinton’s New Book

Hilary Clinton is releasing her memoirs and it causing quite the stir. Many are calling the book tour a prelude to a presidential campaign. CNN did a story regarding her interview line up as it is composed of almost entirely female interviewers. The video brings in to two other reporters to discuss the PR strategy of the book release. One is a media reporter and the other is a political reporter working with Clinton. The political reporter, Amy Chozick, maintains that the majority female line up was not strategic in the sense of who would interview but it fits with the context of the book. So while not necessarily consciously strategic, still strategic nonetheless.

            As for the prelude to presidential campaign it seems this rumors are neither being confirmed nor denied. The statement made my Amy Chozick was the Clinton’s are not currently in office so they wish not to be scrutinized as if they were, however as public figures they are still going to receive national media attention. The political powerhouses of this country are regarded like Britain’s Royal Family. The response toward the pre campaign rumors is simply comparasion. They ask if other political leader’s book were campaigns? So the strategy is neither confirm nor deny.

            Media reporter Mark Leibovich states that they the media is not falling for a PR strategy, because the Clinton’s have a built in PR strategy. He states his opinion that it is part of a future presidential campaign for Clinton. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the 2016 election years gets closer and closer.



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