The Loss of Alice

The world lost a wonderful mother figure icon today and the empty center square will leave a hole in our hearts. Ann B Davis who was the infamous Alice from The Brady Bunch passed away after falling in her bathroom. Davis, according to fans, raised an entire generation as the quirky loveable housekeeper for the ultimate blended family. Her character was always there to provide warm and quirky affection through the trials of growing up in a family of six. She has gained immorality with this character as The Brady Bunch lives on and on.

I imagine there will be quite a pick up in Brady Bunch merchandise and DVD purchases as the death of one of its beloved character brings a wave of national nostalgia. It’s one of those circumstances where marketing really isn’t necessary, however if done delicately there is a potential for a tidy profit to be made. The release of Alice Memorial Edition of the series on Blue Ray is a heartwarming way to push the show back into popularity. I expect to see interviews from other cast members and memorial videos to go viral in the next few days as America pays tribute to this wonderful actress who was the glue that held a family together.


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