Rascal Flats on the Road

It’s always fun to hear what your favorite artists or movies stars need to keep them going. It humanizes them from their super star status and makes them relatable. This was the purpose of an interview with Rascal Flatts. They discussed their necessary items when on tour to keep them moving forward in the long hours of travel and performances. Gary LeVox, the country band’s front man, stated he always needs his Bible and Diet Mountain Dew. Joe Don Rooney, the guitarist, always needs his golf clubs as well as, of course, his guitar. They expressed that they miss their families, their beds and the comforts of home. The biggest reason celebrity news is so popular is because the perception of their lives is such a fantasy. When we get to hear about their issues or successes it makes us feel encouraged that in some way the fantasy is on the same level as us. In this particular example they are presenting an image of being likeable family men who you can respect as well as love their music. This image, along with talent, fuels the sale of tickets, albums, and merchandise. It’s all part of marketing their music and creating that paycheck.


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