My Chateau

It needs to be said that there is nothing more frustrating than learning of application or website that you really want to check out and it doesn’t work. Recently I discovered Chateau Ste Michelle in Woodinville, WA developed an app on Facebook called My Chateau. This application allows you to playfully create an equation that begins with, “Me + A glass of Wine,” then you fill in the blanks with any number of possibilities and this equals your “Chateau,” or happy place. The 2009 press release on CSM’s website states that you can also find a digital sommelier and food pairing information with this app. However it doesn’t work, I can’t pull it up. A window pops up stating that the URL does not match the app’s settings. Now the campaign was launched in 2012 to reach women from ages 25-38 who are busy with careers and/or parenting. It was creating to be a more whimsical place where a woman can just be herself as she is, without any other imposing labels. This sounds great and I want to play with it but I can’t. I have sent an email to CSM regarding the application. I hope to get a response soon.


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