Social Media in College

Social media is becoming more and more critical in our society, both locally and globally. We are able to receive information so quickly it can be scary at times. It’s like a massive river current cutting canyons and tumbling down hundreds of feet, if left to itself it will reform the land as it pleases. However when the power of this current is harnessed it becomes an amazing tool creating electricity to thousands, provide water to places otherwise dry and unusable, providing life. Social Media has the power to be just as effective in the world of communication as a river is to economic growth.

I have taken courses at Central Washington University where I am obtaining my Bachelor’s degree that have touched on the importance of Social Media. I am a Global Wine Studies major, making the primary focus advertisement and brand recognition via Social Media. The unit subject matter focused primarily on how Social Media is emerging as an important platform for advertisement and business promotion. What, as a student, I would like to learn more about is how to use human psychology to continually create advertisements that go viral. The human attention span is shorter than goldfish according to recent studies due to the constant bombardment of information and ads. I would like to learn the tools to transcend this as time continues to change what interest us as humans.


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