South Korea President apologizes for Ferry Sinking

South Korea’s President has gone on record apologizing for the Ferry disaster that killed 300 people. She stated that as President it is her responsibility that a rescue was not better executed. She has stated for the world to know that she is dismantling the Coast Guard and all investigative information will go the newly established Department of National Security. The country is outraged at the lack of response to save the victims of the sinking ferry. The President has proposed that a monument be put in place to honor those who lost their lives many of them school aged. The Captain of the ferry is being charged with murder as well as three other crewmembers. The rest of the crewmembers are being indicted for abandonment and violating safety protocol.   

I find it interesting that it took a month for the South Korea President to make a formal apology. The sinking happened on April 16th, this statement was just released, as it is now Monday May 19th in South Korea. I will say it is refreshing that a world leader actually did take full responsibility for the death of their citizens in such a disaster. That is not something you commonly see a President of a country to do.


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