Politics is Not Life for Me

Politics are always a fun topic when it comes to Public Relations. As elections wax and wane we are fed all kinds of information regarding the people who run our country. The newest story in the news right now regards Hilary Clinton, who sustained a concussion followed by a blood clot in 2012. Karl Rove has stated that the release of Clinton’s medical records is a necessity to determine if she is capable to run for President in 2016. The situation, according to Rove, has been blown wildly out of proportion as he simply want to know if Clinton’s health and fairly recent major health episode was being taken into consideration as she considers becoming a candidate for President. Health records are supposedly required to be open for review when running for President. Democrats then disputed rove’s comments as complete lies; confirming that Clinton does not have brain damage, as Rove has said. Rove did not say she had brain damage, but stated that Hilary’s major health episode seemed suspicious and if she was running for President it was only right to know if she’s up for the job both mentally and physically.

I do not envy anyone who works Public Relations on a political campaign or for a political figure. The backlash over any comment made about anyone is enough to give me a headache. The he said, she said smear campaigns certainly will never leave one bored, with nothing to do. The balance between total honesty and careful discretion is paramount to this position.




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