Pet Food Wars

The ever growing trend to be aware of what is in the food you consume is extending to pet food as well. Purina pet food has been a staple in the market for over 80 years. Recently a new brand has come on the scene challenging what we know of pet food. Blue Buffalo has spent over 50 million dollars on a marketing campaign asking consumers to compare the ingredients in their product to that of Purina and other big brands. Blue Buffalo claims their product does not contain any chicken byproduct and offer grain free varieties for those who want to keep their pets on a grain free diet. They are very convincing regarding their commitment to quality, using the idea that pets are part of the family so you should feed them like family to make the consumer seriously consider buying their product.

Purina has launched a lawsuit against Blue Buffalo stating that their advertisement is false. According the independent studies, Blue Buffalo products from all over the nation was tested to determine if they really didn’t use chicken byproducts or grains. The studies that Purina has state that they do contain byproducts and artificial preservatives. Their grain free products also show that they contain amounts of rice and corn. Blue Buffalo has come back and filed it’s own lawsuit against Purina for defamation. They are confident that they can prove these studies false.

Representatives from Purina have stated that they hold to their findings and will continue the lawsuit. They want this to be a lesson in the importance of honesty with the consumer. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and who is right and who is lying.


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