CWU Source

The University I attend holds an annual event called Source. This event gives college and high School students a like, the opportunity to showcase their work. These sow cases come in two forms, poster designs and sessions.

The event boasts presentations on a variety of subjects from social, science, Fashion Tourism and more. I attended a session entitled, “Religion: Documents of Detriment.” The author presented his theory that religion is no longer necessary in modern times. Using the argument of extremist behaviors he shows how religion is both collectively and individually corrupting. Essentially religious groups and individuals use their religion as an excuse to act immorally, committing atrocious crimes such as murder. He also made the point that conversion is often the result of intimidation. The threat of Hell and eternal damnation is a popular conversion tactic for most religions. Both Christianity and Islam have a history of even killing those who refused to convert to their way of thinking. There is a bloody history and behavioral pattern of hypocrisy in religious institutions.

As a Christian I am all too aware of my chosen religion’s controversial past and the constant battle of hypocrisy. As I have gone through evangelical teachings, and learned strategies for sharing my faith with others, I am happy to report that intimidation is not a tactic I have learned. From a Pubic Relations standpoint, its true those religious institutions have not done the best job presenting them in the best light. As people of faith seek to share and convert others to their way of thinking it’s important to present your case in a way that is most appealing.

The advice I would give religious institutions is to start combating this past, the hypocrisy. Study the words of your doctrine and push the correct teachings. Lead the people to be the change, to be the example of what faith is meant to be.


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