Response to Good Ol’ Texas, Nicole Dahl

Texas is a State all it’s own. It has a history unique to itself compared to the other states. It is the only State in the Union that reserves the right to secede without repercussions. There hasn’t been any real campaign as Nicole stated to change the reputation of Texas because they like it. “Don’t mess with Texas,” is a great slogan that comes to mind. They are a very independent state and proud of their history and the wars they fought when it was it’s own nation. Texas is Texas you can’t change it, you just role with the punches and hope you don’t get caught hit too hard.

As Nicole also stated Texas took their reputation and owned it. Like Arkansas, some people just embraced what the outside world said and made it their own. It’s like that with humans too, you can choose to change your reputation if you don’t like it or you can own it, make it something you can be proud of. It’s a lot of work to know yourself enough to not be afraid but you just have keep reminding yourself never be afraid to just be who you are, to Hell with whatever else.


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