Listen to the Stars Be Kind to Yourself

According to People magazine, actress Emma Stone gave an interview for Seventeen magazine about the criticisms she has received about her physical appearance. Girls and boys too have battle with the importance of physical attractiveness. Being fit, thin, buff, whatever have plagued out society for a long time. Stone like many other actresses before attempt to alleviate some of this pressure off us by stating that we need to be kinder to ourselves. There are so many negative voices telling us we are too something and yet not enough. This is devastating to the psyche creating so many feelings of inadequacies that lead to depression, eating disorders and other unhealthy behavior. I wish the people listened more to these famous women who are comfortable with their bodies, who don’t let some Hollywood standard define them. We are all unique and deserve to try each other and ourselves with respect. So many times I’ve heard stars give interviews on their weight loss or gain and they always so the same thing. Famous people have a loud voice and I think it needs to be heard more than ever on this topic. Stop making people’s weight such a focal point.


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