Fisher Price Knows

Fisher Price released a commercial for Mother’s Day was interesting. The clip depicted a couple sleeping when the sound of a baby crying wakes them up. As the male in the couple pretends to ignore it, the female gets up and we see her walking to her nursery. Next you would expect to see her soothing her child using a Fisher Price product, but instead you see her walk out of the nursery carrying a Rock and Play Sleeper item with want looks a bit like a baby wrapped inside it. You see her walk out the door and to the neighbor’s house. My initial thought was what is going on? Where is she taking her baby? As she knocks on the door, I thought she lives next her parents and for mother’s day they will take the baby, but that still leaves the dreadful condition in which she carried it to the house. As the neighbor’s open the door you see a young couple and it is clear that the cries are coming from their child not the women with the Fisher Price product. She then hands it to them, who sigh in relief as the product magically gets their child to stop crying so everyone can go to sleep.


So the commercial is interesting because one, initially I thought Fisher Price was encouraging child abuse and two it gives off the impress that their product can sooth any child. It does give the warm and fuzzy feelings as the women hands over the product and everyone is so happy.


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