Austria’s own Bearded Lady Wins!

I read an article on MSN entitled, “Austria’s ‘Bearded Lady’ Conchita Wurst Wins Eurovision Song Contest.” An Austria Drag queen won singing a song called, “Rise of the Phoenix.” There were 26 other countries represented in the contest Ukraine and Russia included. The winner created much controversy, as did the theme, which was Tolerance. Russia’s gay propaganda laws caused Russia television to edit the performance of Conchita Wurst out of their broadcast. Other countries with similar laws also complained that the performance needed to be edited out. The Russian contestants where also booed as they performed due to the both Russia intolerance and because of the annexation of Crimea. There was more controversy as votes from Crimea representatives were counted as Ukraine votes.


The competition has been in place since 1956 to promote unity after World War II in a non-political setting. However politics came crashing through anyway. It was a great platform for the gay community to promote equality on a global scale. They took a stand against Russia and it’s intolerance, by voting for the bearded lady, Wurst, for the win. The competition was broadcasted to 180 million people in 45 countries. 180 million people saw the recognition the gay community received and Russia’s reaction.


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