We have been talking about the use of Public Relations in Activism and the use of social media. A family friend started a page called Homemade Food Junkie. She uses this page to update us all on her wonderful and creative ways she is using her property and animals to create an organic and sustainable food lifestyle for her and her husband. She is an incredible woman whom I have admired for many years. Recently she posted an opinion article about saving the bees. The author gives information about the importance of keeping Dandelions in our yards. This flower is one of the first food options for bees coming out of hibernation. There are also many uses for the dandelion such as for salads, wine and medicinal. The author gives information about popular pesticides that are used to exterminate this unwanted weed in our attempts to have perfect manicured lawns. These pesticides have very harmful chemicals to insect life and human life as well.

Social media is a great way to get your opinion out there and attempt to go viral with your information. This article did catch my attention and I found it interesting. However from a PR standpoint, the author did not present enough concrete evidence to really get me to care about this issue of a dwindling bee population and how dandelions could change that. I understand the importance of bees and I know that pesticides are bad, but the information presented is old news. In order to get the attention this issue needs, new research needs to be presented. There needs to be something that really grabs people’s attention.


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