I can’t escape the media, although I try

After documenting all the times I see brand logos or advertisements for one day I realized how much I don’t pay attention to ads. Yes they are there and subconsciously they affect me but I deliberately ignore most things that pop up to try to steal my attention. Facebook is the venue in which I see the most ads, I was surprised at what actually pops up when I paid attention. I got a lot of family style ads, such as diapers and furniture. I don’t really understand why since I’m not married and don’t have any children. The things to do get my attention on Facebook are articles about celebrities and funny videos, but even then I rarely get past the headline unless I’m super bored.

When I’m at work I listen to Pandora, but I’m usually so engrossed in what I’m doing that I don’t listen to the song let alone the commercials. I know Fred Meyer plays one as does Safeway, two stores I frequent because they are pretty much my only options. We do have a U-Line catalog in the bathroom at work and the grilling supplies on the cover caught my attention until I remembered I live in an apartment and don’t have a grill.

Outside of work, I will admit that every time I see the Starbucks logo I want coffee, even though I don’t like Starbucks coffee. New York Teriyaki’s sign makes me want sushi.

I have brand name products that I buy because the generic alternative is just not up to par. I use Paul Mitchell products because the hair stylist I go to sells it. It makes my hair really soft and happy so I continue to use it. I use Simply Face lotion because I have sensitive skin and most face products cause me to break out. I use Lever 2000 soap and Crest toothpaste because my Aunt Judie keeps me overly stocked on her dime and hey free stuff is free stuff. Anyway the biggest thing I learned about myself is that I am one of those people that trust others experience about a product or service than an advertisement. I do have associations with brands that make me want what they are selling and for some reason Facebook seems to think I need underwear and have children. Over all this was an enlightening experience. There are so many brands and associations to everything that I don’t even think about it anymore. It just exists.


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