How does Nature’s Path communicate with their consumers

Nature’s Path is an organic Cereal company operated in Whatcom County, Washington state and Canadian owed. Recently I took a look at their Twitter page to see how they use Twitter to communicate with their consumers. I also took a look at their Facebook page as well. Nature’s path uses these media sites to educate their consumers on why their product is better and important for a healthy lifestyle. They produce a lot of products that are gluten free, using this as a platform to push their products as well as raise awareness for Celiac’s Disease. They get a great response from consumers on Facebook regarding their support for organic farming. A consumer also posted on Facebook a complaint about not being able to find a specific product. Nature’s Path responded within an hour stating the product was still in production and give the consumer options for purchasing the product. I found this impressive, it sounds like Nature’s Path cares enough about the importance of social media, it’s affect on their reputation and the importance of their consumers to respond quickly and efficiently. Nature’s Path also works with @mommyFootprint who posts recipes using the products. They have taken very active role in @mommyFootprint campaign to a nature and organic lifestyle for her children.


I like their product myself, but I have to say nothing tastes better than eating a imperfect piece of their peanut butter granola bar right off the production line during break!


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