The World’s Toughest Job

Recently a YouTube video has gone viral called, “The World’s Toughest Job Interview.” I just watched the video tonight after watching a CNN special regarding American Greetings’ Mother’s Day Advertisement, but have seen it pop up on my Facebook feed many times. The video depicts people being interview for the position of Director of Operations for a company called Rehtom. During the interview the gentlemen explains that the job requires 135 hours a week, intense interaction with associates, a degree in finance, communications and culinary arts and is completely unpaid. The reactions the interviewees give are priceless as one states, “That’s inhumane.” Finally the interviewer drops the punch line that the job he is describing is that of a mom. Rehtom is Mother spelled backwards even. The video ends with a caption stating, “Buy your mom a card.”

I think this video was very well done. It makes me want to buy an American Greetings card for my mom for Mother’s day. It’s fresh, creative, and gives a real perspective on just want it takes to be a mom. I found it to be endearing and effective producing not only warm and fuzzy emotions, but also a desire to buy the product. I’m a consumer that will buy something I want from a particular company if I think their ad was clever enough to catch my attention. American Greetings was successful in that endeavor. It was a great marking scheme.  


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