General Motors

G.M. is having some issues according to New York Times article, “Sending Alerts Instead, G.M. Delayed Car Recalls.” Nine years ago GM received notice that the Chevrolet Cobalt had a serious safety issue due to faulty ignition switches. In response GM sent out a service alert to customers and dealers advising people not to have extra key chains on their car keys. The ignition switch would turn the car off when bumped any which way causing the airbag to deploy. It wasn’t until February of this year that the Cobalts were recalled after the defect was linked to 13 deaths. GM has a history of putting products on the market that have serious safety problems and simply sending Alerts to dealerships instead of ordering timely recalls. However in the past year and a half they have ordered recalls regarding a variety of safety issues including power steering, electrical systems and airbags.


Despite these concerns people seem untroubled by the safety issues and lack of attention to them Another article in NY Times, “Many Auto Show Visitors Unfazed by G.M. recalls,” states that people are still very interested in purchasing GM cars. The Cruze’s replaced the compact sedan, Cobalt, but has also had models recalled due to an axle shaft that can break without any warning. Perhaps it is the public’s willingness to turn a blind eye that is keeping GM from creating serious solutions to these problems.


GM does have a big problem that needs to be corrected. They need to improve the quality of their product. Simply discontinuing the production of the automobiles that were such a problem is not going to stop other issues occurring in other vehicle models. As safety issue continue to come out, with a lack of timely recalls and insufficient regard to safety, GM is will quickly be on their way back to bankruptcy. Eventually the public will stop ignoring the issues and stop buying the product. I know I won’t be buying another GM car until they get this figured out. Thankfully I have been very lucky and my Saturn hasn’t given trouble beyond normal maintenance. Knock on wood….


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