Response to The Heartbleed bug, Internet Safety and How Companies are Avoiding this Public Relations Disaster

In response to it is vital as stated that communication during a crisis be immediate, and honest. The increasing threat of security breaches as hackers become more and more creative in attempts to steal people’s identities is staggering. All companies need to keep a sharp watch on these threats, quickly and effectively communicating them to customers, stakeholders and/or users. I completely agree that this swift communication and proactive security builds brand loyalty and trust. From and PR standpoint it’s very important to make sure the consumer still feels comfortable using a product or company even when disaster strikes. As a consumer myself, I am going to more willing to continue to use a company who is open and honest about mistakes or situations that put my personal information at risk than one who ignores it or finds informing the consumer unnecessary.

It seems interesting that something as simple as consistently changing your password could make sure a difference in your level of web security, but it really does. I’m sure eventually even this trick will no longer be effective, as criminals get more and more creative with their offensive technology.


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