Young, Rich and Ruling Radio, Country Walks a Broader Line


Country music is making headlines as the fastest growing music genre according to Young, Rich and Ruling Radio, Country Walks a Broader Line, and article written by Ben Sisario for the New York Times. Nashville is changing its image as country music is attracted more and more people at a much larger age variety. The growing trend toward this genre is even attracting the attention of Rolling Stone who is jumping the bandwagon and creating a Rolling Stone Country website. With the music industry struggling financially in other genres, Nashville’s moment in the spotlight definitely is the focus for money making. Radio stations are getting away from country stereotypes to continue to broaden its target audience. This article is an excellent example of PR work as it’s all about how Nashville is marketing itself to the public including what’s not working. The show Nashville on ABC has brought in new audience members as the shows popularity soars, while reality shows based on women trying to make it as country music stars flop. Popular artists such as Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan are quoted as being young and web-savvy understanding the importance of social media when reaching the fans. It seems the country music scene knows how to use the changing media trends to its advantage.



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