Banding Together in Naches

Recently I read an article from the Yakima Herald entitled Banding together in Naches. The article describes the challenges and progression of the high school marching band with a focus on the director Jeremy Freisz. It is a heartfelt article depicting Freisz as the fearless leader of a group of underdog kids. It does a really good job on bring the reader in and caring about these kids and this man who is trying to bring them the attention they deserve, using the underdog status, because let’s face it who doesn’t love an underdog? The lack of funding is mentioned in a perfect manner playing to my personal sympathies by comparing it to the amount spent on sports. As someone who was a music student at a high school in a very sport focused town myself I thought this effectively communicated the need for the community to get more involved with the program financially. It also draws the attention of the surrounding communities to a town that I think most people forgets exists especially as far away as Ellensburg. Friesz accomplishments are showcased as well, giving him a sort of hero status as he dedicates his life to these kids both at high school and middle school. Overall I think the author of this article did a great job making the reader care about the teacher and the kids and promoted the band in a light that makes people want to contribute to them.


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